Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Happy christmas! :D

Thank you saint Nic !!!

I'm a very happy gal today :D Somebody must have been very, very good this year :D

However, before I gush about all my luverley pressies, let me first wish you happy holidays! :D

Also, I feel as if I should take a moment to remember the true meaning of christmas, that is, obviously …Peace on earth and goodwill to all men :D and spending quality time with our nearest and dearest :D

That said…on to the pressies! I didn't get the Macbook Air or vintage writing desk I've been lusting after, nor did I get any books ( curious? ) …that was until, I unwrapped a brand new kindle fire! :D Chuffed! (Thanks Mum)

Now I can catch up with all my fave indie authors, and check out all the new ones I've been reading about on the blogs of you lovely folk :D

I also was pleased to receive a very nice blue topshop duffel coat, a new sony smartphone that I'm currently using to write this post, the usual gift sets, some georgeous perfume ( Dior Jadore and Armani Diamonds… my faves!) As well as lovely snugly scarf and glove set, a funky owl motif sparkly top, and of course… what girly christmas would be complete without chocolates and wine? Bliss! :D

Although I must say… the best gift of all is being blessed enough to be able to spend this special time with my lovely family :D all together now  awwwwww…:D

So happy christmas everyone! See you in the new year!!! :D

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